About Us

Welcome to Coffee Cracked! Whether you are a hardcore coffee enthusiast or just starting out your coffee journey, we have resources to help everyone. Coffee Cracked was created to help anyone even mildly interested to crack the code to the perfect cup of coffee. 

I found that there were many resources out there for us coffee lovers, but few were useful to the average reader. This was why I created Coffee Cracked – to build a high-quality resource for anyone who wanted to learn more about coffee. Ultimately, the end goal is simple, to break down the complex world of coffee such that even a child can understand how to brew perfect coffee.


Founder of CoffeeCracked.com

Hi! My name is Mellina. I grew up in a household which was not really big on coffee. My love for coffee started in my teens, where I used coffee mainly to stay awake (who doesn’t?). To someone who thought the world of coffee was only instant coffee, discovering espressos and brewing methods blew my mind. In fact, when I first discovered these, I was overwhelmed.

I spent my free time researching about coffee, and that’s where my coffee journey started! Since then, I have went deep into coffee to explore the little nuances in it. I want to share my experiences through Coffee Cracked and hopefully help you along the way!

What To Do Now?

Now that you know more about me, why don’t you explore the rest of Coffee Cracked? 

If you would like to provide any feedback or just say hi, feel free to do so here.